We understand financial advisors

Technology Solutions Specific to RIAs.

With strategic partners in the financial services industry, FusionNetix has developed a unique understanding of the specific needs and industry challenges RIAs face.

Let’s get RIA specific:

We help your firm stay SEC & FINRA compliant, ensuring proper security measures are implemented and backup solutions are designed and tested. We ensure proper training is conducted on the correct handling of client data and computers are guarded from theft by proper configuration policies and remote wipe capabilities.

We’ve got the industry’s best guidance to offer the industry’s best service:

By partnering with outsourced CTOs, compliance firms, and business transition specialists, FusionNetix crafts a technology solution that helps you understand and implement an RIA’s technology requirements and best practices. Compare this to an RIA’s current approach: teaching the IT guy next door why an RIA needs to be serviced differently than the tire shop.

Technology and cybersecurity for RIAs
RIAs are a key target of hackers as they have access to all managed client data and assets. Proper cybersecurity is essential for Financial Advisors.
Specific Service Offering for RIAs:

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