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Artificial Intelligence – Based Antivirus

Our AI-Based Antivirus is a “learning” antivirus and protects well against known threats and is well-equipped to mitigate issues with unknown threats to deliver a measured response to any security incident that may arise. Our AV is ranked for having the quickest transitions from detection to response to remediation and offers fewer frustrations than competitors with one of the lowest false-positive rates in the industry.

Security Operations Center Monitoring

Having a 24/7 SOC in place will help you sleep easier at night knowing that our team is responsible for the on-going operational component of enterprise security. The FusionNetix SOC team responds to threats and attacks the moment they are detected to quickly mitigates their severity and risk to your business–all while continuously auditing your organization’s regulatory compliance.

Dark Web Monitoring & Detection Response

FusionNetix Cybersecurity implements tools that tracks each one of your employees across the Dark Web and alerts them when passwords and accounts are found for sale to malicious actors. By staying on-top of the potential issues, we mitigate the risk of them turning into major problems.

Policy Management & Distribution

One of the biggest preventative measures in cybersecurity defense is the carful design of IT and security policies. FusionNetix Cybersecurity manages all of these policies on your behalf. The next-most important measure is ensuring all employees have read and understood the policies placed in front of them and that proper training has been conducted. With out enhanced tools, we can ensure employees read through and complete training on cybersecurity policies or they will flag us for review.

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Advanced Software-Based Firewall

In the new era of work-from-home, having a physical firewall at the office is no-longer helpful as the device can only protect users while on the network. Thats why FusionNetix incorporated an industry-leading software-based firewall into our cybersecurity program. Our firewall travels with the device and protects it whether at home, the office, vacation or out of the country on business. Rest assured that your employees are protected from web threats wherever they work.

Full Device Encryption & Lockdown

Should a device be stolen or an employee leaves on bad terms, having the right device encryption and lockdown procedures are critical to maintaining the security of your data and maintain regulatory compliance. When you bring FusionNetix Cybersecurity onboard, you’re not-only getting the proper encryption and lockdown procedures setup, you’re getting our monitoring service to ensure they stay in place on every device that maintains your sensitive data.

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