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The Salvino Wealth Management Team launches RIA with $2.2 Billion in Assets – IT Infrastructure by FusionNetix

  • By Maxwell Alles
  • January 19, 2021

CHICAGO, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Salvino Wealth Management Team proudly announces the launch of Performance Wealth, a new independent Registered Investment Advisor. As a fully independent firm committed to excellence, Performance Wealth will be empowered to choose the technology, asset managers, and investment solutions that are best suited to each client’s needs. The nine-person Salvino Wealth Management team manages $2.2 billion in client assets and Fusion Financial Partners and FusionNetix were instrumental in supporting the team’s IT infrastructure, RIA launch, and reporting needs.

“The wealth management industry has evolved considerably in the last 20 years,” explained Tom Salvino, CEO & Wealth Manager, Performance Wealth. “Our decision to create Performance Wealth was driven by the realization that we could do a lot more for our clients as an independent firm than we could affiliated with a financial services corporation. We believe results matter and as a fiduciary committed to transparency, we make sure our clients always know exactly what they own, what they are paying, and who is doing the work.”

Performance Wealth is also the story of three generations of the Salvino family. It begins with Al Salvino, a veteran wealth advisor who began his financial career in 1963, the pioneer days of the profession, and continues with his sons Tom and John, a pair of Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), both of whom, like their father, are graduates of the University of Notre Dame and received their MBAs from Loyola University and the University of Chicago, respectively. Grace Salvino, a graduate of the University of Michigan, studying for her MBA at the University of Chicago, represents the third generation of her family at Performance Wealth. Together, the three generations of the Salvino family have more than 100 years of collective experience, and scores of satisfied clients.

As the firm’s name implies, the team is performance-oriented and data driven, allowing them to tailor thoughtful recommendations designed to achieve meaningful outcomes and improve clients’ lives. In constructing client portfolios, they rely on a research process that focuses on revenue and earnings acceleration and other important factors.

Performance Wealth looks to deliver outstanding performance in everything they do, from client relationships to portfolio construction and investment management. The firm’s core values—respect for people, society, and the planet—drive their investment approach, which is in alignment with ethical, environmentally and socially responsible standards.

What really sets the firm apart from most other advisory firms is their combination of education, experience, and superior skills. Because planning, investment selection and portfolio management are all handled in-house, Performance Wealth’s clients can pay lower fees, be more income tax and estate tax efficient and those savings when compounded over time can make a meaningful difference in wealth accumulation and estate growth.